About us

African Primatological Consortium

The African Primatological Consortium (APC) is an association of primatologists from different countries and institutions working together in collaborative primate research and conservation of African primates. It was formed in 2014 with the aim of contributing to achieving African primates’ conservation through collaborative research, sharing of research findings and supporting and mentoring young African primatologists. The consortium enhances collaborations among stakeholders through training workshops and scientific conferences which bring members together to learn and exchange ideas that can contribute to African primate conservation across study sites.

We are a multi-institutional organisation championing research and conservation of African Primates through collaborations among African and international academic and research institutions and conservation Non-Governmental Organizations. We build local interest for primate research and conservation by mobilizing resources and providing quality capacity building for young primate researchers.

Our membership includes individuals, institutions and organizations with keen interest in African primate research and conservation.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Collaborate in resource mobilization for primate research and conservation in Africa,
  • Build the capacity of young African and international primatologists through sharing of experiences with senior local and international researchers, and
  • Promote African primate and other biodiversity conservation using evidence based approaches.